, a web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has created a series of classroom activities for teaching about Brown v. Board of Education.

While all of the activities are worthwhile, the following are particularly useful in exploring the aftermath of Brown and the question, "Was the Promise of Brown Fulfilled?"

  • Where are We Now? | Students begin by analyzing an essay about the resegregation of American schools. They go on to explore the issue of integration in their own community.

  • General Discussion Questions |Students examine Teaching Tolerance magazine's special anniversary section on Brown v. Board, then go on to answer a series of questions. Numbers 4, 6, 7 and 8 specifically address the re-segregation of public schools.

  • What It Means Today | Students explore the impact of Brown v. Board on school segregation first by reading interviews and then by conducting interviews of their own. Of particular interest is the link to creating "Mix it Up" Dialogue groups.