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Resources for Teaching this Activity

Differentiate and Adapt this Activity

Read Aloud App: Provide students with an electronic version of the activity and use a read aloud application to voice the text. Below are just a few of the many options available:

  • Microsoft Narrator (Windows 10): Narrator is a screen-reading app that is built into Windows 10, so there’s nothing you need to download or install.
  • ReadAloud (Microsoft)
  • Read Aloud (Google Play)
  • Natural Reader
  • Technokids: Read Aloud for PDFs

Quiz-Quiz-Trade: To get students up and moving, you might use a “quiz-quiz-trade” protocol with this activity. Prior to the activity, review the sections of a case summary. Print several copies of the case summary and cut it up by section being careful to remove the label. Have a word bank of the section labels posted in the room. Give every student one part of the case summary and have them identify which part it is. Check to ensure each student has correctly identified their part and monitor as students circulate. Then have the students get up, share their part with a classmate and discuss which part of the case summary it is. After discussing, the pair should correct each other if needed, then exchange their parts and move on to quiz another student. This can last until students have discussed most parts.

Scaffold this Activity

Vocabulary Preparation: Teach vocabulary terms used in this activity prior to the lesson. Consider using a graphic organizer such as the Frayer Model

Model: Model responding to the first set of questions together as a class. 

Technology Suggestions

Break-Out Rooms: If teaching online and break-out rooms are a feature your learning management system, send students to groups of 4 or 5 to complete the Anatomy of a Case activity. Bring students back together as a large group to discuss.

Online Individualized Quiz Format: In Google Forms or a similar platform, paste each unlabeled section and then make multiple choice questions with the possible section label options as answer choices.

Online Teaching/At-Home Learning: For suggestions for using this strategy in online/at-home teaching, see Street Law’s Materials for At-Home Learning webpage.

Extend this Activity

Case Summary Graphic Organizer: Assign students to use the Anatomy of a Case activity to complete the case graphic organizer.

Judicial Opinion Writing Activity: Delete the decision and opinion sections from the Anatomy of a Case activity before assigning to students. After students have completed the Anatomy of a Case activity, they can continue to consider precedents and write a decision using the Judicial Opinion Writing strategy.

Moot Court/Mini-Moot Courts: Delete the decision and opinion sections from the Anatomy of a Case activity before assigning to students. After students have completed the Anatomy of a Case activity, the teacher can reassign groups to conduct Mini-Moot Courts or a full Moot Court.

Answer Key