Target Audience

The content and learning activities on are designed for use with secondary-school students (grades 7-12).  

The teacher section of each case includes suggestions for differentiating and adapting the materials to best serve your students.   

Note that even though the materials target a specific grade range, all types of educators and learners are welcome to use the site!   


Street Law, Inc. and the Supreme Court Historical Society provide as a free service to educators. Teachers may download, link to, and duplicate site content for non-commercial educational use. It is not necessary to get permission from Street Law for this type of use, though we do ask that you preserve the Street Law, Inc. copyright information in the footer of the materials.   

We do grant permission for other types of use, though it may result in a modest licensing fee. To request permission for something other than non-commercial, educational use, please reach out to us at   

Content Structure (for Students and for Teachers)

Each case on is organized into two main sections: one for students and one for teachers. 

The student section includes all of the case materials as downloadable, ready-to-print student handouts (as .PDFs). Teachers can use these materials links in their classroom management platform, or they can instruct students to go to to access the materials.   

The teacher section includes everything that is in the student section … and then some! Here, teachers will find all case materials as both .PDFs and editable Word documents. Additionally, this section includes:  

  • Answers to select activities 
  • How to differentiate and adapt the materials 
  • How to scaffold the activities 
  • How to extend the activities 
  • Technology suggestions 
  • A guide to planning time and activities   

Reading Levels 

We use a dot system to indicate reading level on the Background Reading and Vocabulary student handouts.  

· = Middle school level 

··  = High school level 

··· = Advanced level 

The Case Summaries are offered at both middle school and high school levels.  

There are few case activities throughout the site that are advanced, which are indicated with ···.  

File Formats 

All student materials are provided as print-ready .PDFs. Students will need the ability to read .PDFs on their device. Most web browsers already have this capability. Additionally, Adobe Reader is available for free, as are many other .PDF reader tools.  

All teacher materials are provided as .PDFs and Word documents. The Word documents are editable, allowing teachers to modify the materials to meet their classroom needs. Note that some of the teacher material pages will link to content that lives in Street Law’s Free Resource Library. You will be prompted to sign in or create a Street Law store web account. You must "check out" in order to download the files, but you will not be required to pay or enter payment information for these free materials.   


The glossary compiles all of the important vocab terms from case materials. It is provided as a view-only Google Sheet. This glossary is both a student resource and a teacher resource.   

Teaching Strategies 

The teaching strategies section is a comprehensive list of interactive teaching strategies, many of which are used in the activities. This teacher resource provides instructions for implementing each strategy.  

Citing Content 

The exact format for citing any source varies depending on your school’s preferred style guide (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style). But with all of the style guides, the information cited is basically the same. 

  • MLA format: Street Law, Inc. “Page Title.”, 2020, page url, Accessed date month year.  
  • APA format: Street Law, Inc. (n.d.). Page title. Retrieved month day year, from page url.  
  • Chicago Manual of Style format: “Page Title.” Street Law, Inc. Accessed month date year. Page url. 


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